A Real Life Dragon

// Jun 20, 2015

I’m usually not the type to talk about sentimental things because I think it’s weird; but I’m always up for trying new things, so here goes.

Today, on a sunny Saturday in Vancouver BC, I decided to spend the day at the office working on code. Why? Because I'm insane Because I’m fortunate enough to have a passion for what I do and love learning more about it in order to build even more amazing products.

But back to the topic at hand. I decided to go for a run along the seawall to give my mind a break and whom do I by chance run into? This guy:

Mr. Jim Treliving

I was too starstruck in the moment but now that I look back, I’m slowly realizing just how much this run in meant to me.

I don’t read many books but one of my favourites was his book called Decisions. It changed my way of looking at the world, it changed how I make my decisions and most importantly, it changed my approach to life.

Along with many other influencers of mine, Jim is someone who helped me realize that I want to create my own path. He helped me realize that I was not born into this world to just breed and die; but to leave my mark and to change this world in a way that would otherwise be impossible without me.

So here’s a digital toast. Thank you for your amazing story Jim. Because of you, I dropped out of school and followed my own path. Because of you I decided to take the road less travelled; and because of you, my life will never be the same.